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As your upcoming wedding day will be the most photographed day of your life, you and your bridesmaids will have to look breathtakingly gorgeous. A bride's beautiful glowing face is what your family and guests will remember from that day.

Perfect and glamorous eyelash extensions are an absolute must for the bride and her bridesmaids. As you know your eyes and brows help frame your face and so will be the centre of attention.

At Evoque we can offer you and your bridesmaids a peaceful "time-out" in a relaxing environment. Come and see us well before your wedding day so you can see examples and choose between our classic and volume-look lash extensions as well as eyebrow extensions. The difference between classic and volume lashes is the degree of fullness. You can even add some colour or bling to your lash extensions to have them just right. Eyebrow extensions are an option if you have brows that need some extra fullness or shape.

Evoque Eyelash Extensions For Bride

Evoque also offers various kinds of skin rejuvenation facials, our most popular one being an 80 minute "Signature" facial that includes a double cleanse, a clay-based peel, IPL facial rejuvenation and a LED treatment. Well worth the time.

Other services you may wish to consider ahead of your wedding day are body hair removal by a totally pain-free IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and body sculpting/slimming by means of our Fat Cavitation and Formostar body wrap treatments.

Call Evoque on (08) 9388 8426 for information or to make a booking to come and see us.

Above wedding photos are by Fieldsandskies.

In any event, we wish you a wonderful wedding day!

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