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IPL treatments are reduced by 15%

from now until the end of November 2015.

Don't be embarrassed by a hairy body when you can do something about it!

Evoque Slimming & Lash Spa has for you a quick and easy solution: SHR ("Super Hair Reduction") IPL ("Intense Pulsed Light") technology that is pain-free and quick.

Look at these testimonies:

"I have had a wonderful experience with Malin (Evoque's Senior Face and Body Therapist) and IPL. I was surprised how pain free and effective it has been. I have had 2 sessions on my underarms and don't think I will require a 3rd. I have been very happy with the results and am happy to tell all my friends."  Karen from Warnbro. Oct 2015

"After years of trying to push through the pain barrier of standard IPL, I have finally found a completely PAIN FREE option. My results have been quick and PAIN FREE. Thank you Evoque!"  Heidi from Claremont. April 2015


Malin our Senior Face & Body Therapist here at Evoque

Our regular (undiscounted) prices are:


Our Guarantee is that if you are not thrilled with the results of your IPL treatments we will refund your money in full.

So, why wait, call Evoque now on (08) 9388 8426 for a consultation.


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