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Well, that depends on the style of lash extensions that you are looking for.

Our Signature Mascara-look lash extensions are our classic style in which single lash extensions are applied to each natural lash.

Be aware that you always have the ability to "customise" the appearance of your new lash extensions!

You can add extra length to your lashes; you can do this in a number of ways. The same lash length can be applied across the whole width of the lash, or for example, you can increase the length of the lash extensions towards the outer part of the eye lid creating a "cat's eye" look. Longer lash extensions across the central part of the eye lid accentuate the iris and make your eye look larger and more open. The choice is yours!

You also have the choice of how curly you wish the lashes to look. The most common is a C Curl lash, but you can also chose to have your lashes slightly more curled and dramatic-looking by asking for D Curls.

Colour is another option to consider. At Evoque we have a range of colour options for you to choose. For a stand-out party look how about some coloured lash tips.

A full set of our Signature look lash extensions by one of our Senior Lash Stylists costs $250. Application time is about 90 minutes. If you have time to spare you may wish to consider having your extensions done by a Junior Lash Stylist; although the quality is still the same our junior stylists may take 120 minutes for a full set. A full set by a junior stylist is $180. Note that any or all of the abovementioned tweeks to your lashes are included in the standard price.

If you are fortunate enough to be endowed with naturally thick lashes perhaps you would be happy with a Half Set of lash extensions; these are placed on every second lash and serve to lengthen or thicken your natural look. A half set by a senior stylist is $165 (75 mins) or $130 (105 mins) with a junior stylist.

Volume Lash Extensions are now very popular as they provide a very full and fluffy glamour look. Between two (called 2D) and six (called 6D) thin, light weight lash extensions are applied on each natural lash. Cost for 2D/3D extensions by a senior lash stylist is $350 (150 mins) or $395 for a 4D/6D look (also 150 mins).

Lower Lash Extensions are a must for a complete glamour look. Lower lashes are $110 (60 mins) with a senior lash stylist.

Bling is an optional (low cost) extra. Consider some tiny Swarovski crystals as some added bling to your lashes or glitter lashes for that fun, party-look.

Our lash Memberships offer discount pricing on packages of full sets of lash extensions followed by regular refills. Call us on (08) 9388 8426 for more info.


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