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Want to take years off your appearance?

Radio Frequency Facials are really gaining in popularity as an effective non-surgical procedure with some famous personalities crediting the procedure with taking years off their appearance.

What are the health benefits of massage?

Generally when people think of the word 'massage' they associate it with 'luxury', 'indulgence' and 'pampering'. It's seen as a treat, and something people may allow themselves once or twice a year. The notion that massage is 'just an indulgence' is not true. The benefits of massage are endless and something very few people are aware of.

Semi-Permanent Cosmetics: Your Questions Answered

Evoque Slimming & Lash Spa is very proud to announce that Jill Benton, a UK-trained semi-permanent make-up/cosmetics professional, using the latest equipment from Nouveau Contour, is available to take bookings from Thursday 14 April. In this 4 minute video Jill answers some commonly asked questions about semi-permanent cosmetics: how long do these cosmetic treatments las ...

What is the cost of lash extensions at Evoque?

Well, that depends on the style of lash extensions that you are looking for. Our Signature Mascara-look lash extensions are our classic style in which single lash extensions are applied to each natural lash. Be aware that you always have the ability to "customise" the appearance of your new lash extensions! You can add extra length to your lashes; you can do this in a number ...

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