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Come in to try our Fat Cavitation FAT BLASTER and receive:

  • Before and After measurements - YES - you will lose Centimeters in just one session!
  • A Full & Thorough consultation with your personal consultant with a FREE Body Shaping Prescription!
  • FAT BLASTING treatment on one small single small area, ie: Tummy Or Double Area: inner thigh, outer thigh or arms!
  • A COMPLIMENTARY session of Formostar Far Infrared Body Wrap (60 minutes)


If you do not lose at least 1cm during your trial - IT IS FREE! That is how confident we are!

All this for ONLY   $149  single area (90 minutes)


$199  Double area (150 minutes)

All Formostar treatments are complimentary when a Fat Cavitation package is purchased

SO CALL NOW… 9388 8426

At Evoque, we package up individual programs as we believe no 2 body shapes are the same and we all have different needs. So we offer this trial for you to experience what all the fuss is about, to have your very own personal consultation where you get to ask as many questions as you like and feel the experience to know we are the right choice for you.

During your trial session, your cavitation consultant will design and discuss your very own Body Shaping Plan and some special little bonuses!

We don't usually quote single session prices as we believe a true work of art can take time. So book your trial now and see what our Cavitation consultant and therapists can do for your body shape and confidence. We cannot quote prices and guess session amounts over the phone as we need to see you, your body shape and go through many things with you. We wouldn't want to randomly guess and over quote you, so calling to book your time ensures you receive the most accurate information we have to offer you.

Fat Cavitation - Single Area 90 minutes $149
Fat Cavitation - Double Area 150 minutes $199
Package of 10 Single Area Sessions   $999
Package of 6 Single Area Sessions   $699
Package of 10 Double Area Sessions   $1800
Package of 6 Double Area Sessions   $1200
Formostar Single Session 60 minutes $80
Formostar Sessions Complimentary when a Fat Cavitation package is purchased    



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