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ATTENTION: Have You Had a Reaction or  Have You Received a Botched Eyebrow or Eyelash Service?

CAll Now to get urgent treatment...9388 8426

Painful problem eyelash extensions in Perth are unfortunately far too common, but at least they are not the end of the world.

Evoque receives numerous calls each week requesting "HELP" to fix botched eyelash jobs.


We CAN help!

Authentic eyelash extensions are individual extensions attached to individual eyelashes, one at a time. This process can take a couple of hours. It SHOULD take at least 1.5 hours to a couple of hours. True lash extensions are an extension to your natural lashes so adhesive globs should not be there and no glue should be visible.

Quality lashes with a Skilled Application don't typically come at bargain prices at the local discount salon.

Do not Price shop lash extensions. You get what you pay for when it comes to Lash Extensions, sadly, as Lauren found out....

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for my beautiful lashes!!!! I know you were given a tricky canvas but you did an exceptional job!!!! Kicking myself for not coming straight to you guys when I moved over but I learnt a valuable lesson! You really do get what you pay for!!! Had a great experience! Friendly happy staff and a beautiful salon!
Very very excited about my next visit!!!!
Thank you again! Lauren x"


If you are in need of fixing your eyelashes, need them removed or have damaged your natural eyelashes, we can help - in most cases.  Call 9388 8426 immediately.

  • Do not attempt to remove them yourself
  • Do not pull them out.
  • If you are in pain tell us at the time of calling.


Below you will find a list of services that our 'EyeCU' offers. Please review in detail and call to schedule an appointment. If you have a 911 Lash emergency, then You may call our emergency number to schedule for our ' EyeCu' appointments. You may not know what you need, but we will. When only the best will do...Evoque Lash Spa.

Services Offered

  • Help with Reaction (suggested to call immediately if reaction to extensions are current)
  • Eyelash Extension Removal
  • Lash & Brow Treatments for Cancer Patients
  • Gap Bridging of Missing and Sparse Natural Lashes from damage caused
  • Eyelash Growth Serum to Strengthen & Repair Lash Damage
  • Eyebrow Growth Serum
  • ReShaping of a Botched Eyebrow Service
  • Eyelash and EyeLine Clean of built-up Makeup & Lash Mites
  • Moisture Treatment for Eyelids


Call Now to get urgent treatment    9388 8426



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