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Gorgeous eyes with beautiful eyelash extensions

Certain makeup ingredients dissolve the adhesive bond resulting in premature shedding of your much-loved extensions. The following aftercare products have been specially formulated for Lash Extensions. It takes the guesswork out of whether your existing eye products will be suitable or damaging for your extensions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is vitally important that you avoid all oil-based products within your eye care regime. They will dissolve the adhesive and the extensions will slide right off. ***The chemicals to make a waterproof mascara waterproof, will disintegrate the adhesive, quickly. Please avoid use whilst wearing extensions.


Lash Care Kits

We have packaged up 3 lash care kits for you to choose which best suits your needs, to ensure your lash health and longevity! All products available within Evoque Lash Spa.


Protective Sealant

Our Coating & Sealant effectively forms a protective, clear sleeve, sealing the lashes at the point of bonding while keeping them moisturized, shining, clean and beautifully groomed. The most important lash care product for the longevity of your extensions.

Apply before putting on mascara. Apply an even coat through the entire length of lashes. Always use damp not wet tip in application so the product won't accidentally get into the eye. Use a dry fresh mascara wand - wipe this wand onto the sealant wand and use that one for application. This prevents makeup getting into the clear sealant and avoids unnecessary product wastage and leaking into the eye.


Specially formulated for eyelash extensions and formulated to create lush, thick, beautiful lashes. The special formulation is non-clumping and will not dissolve the adhesive bond where other non extension-specific mascara's may.

Apply only to the tips of the extensions. NEVER apply at the base in the traditional manner of mascara application. Easy to remove and maintain care of your extensions when applied to the tips. Great for filling in the gaps where extensions have shed until your next refill appointment.

Perfect for lower lash use. Perfect for creating a distinct difference between day and night looks. Let the first application to the tips dry, then apply a second and third if wanting to build extra length - particularly in the outer edge.



A gel formulation with the precision of a liquid liner in the ease of a pencil. Specially designed for lash extension adhesives. It stays put when you want it too and comes off when you want it too. A 30 second window after application allows for smudging if you like the smudged look. A much-loved product by non-lash-extenionista's too!

Available in three dreamy colours: Rich Black, Starry Night (Electric Blue!) & Caramel Brown. Sample the testers in the salon to see the true beauty in the blue and brown colours.

Includes a Free Liner Sharpener with each eyeliner, Valued at $12.95.

Application to the lash line is easy with this gel formulation. Special micro brushes are available for cleaning your lashes and lash line for makeup removal and hygiene.

Eye Makeup Remover - Liquid and Pads

Makeup remover

One-step cleaning treatment specially designed for eyelash extensions to remove natural oils and cosmetics. Designed to cleanse the entire eye zone - leaving skin moisturised and smooth. Use the micro brushes with this liquid to clean the lash line.

Contains Swiss Herbs and extracts.  Gentle enough for daily use.


Damaged Natural lashes?   Fine, delicate natural lashes?  Long term lash wearer?

Our herbal Lash Tonic strengthens your natural lashes and encourages more lash growth. NOT to be confused with the regularly advertised lash lengtheners - they are made from the glaucoma treatment product.

Our Lash Conditioner is made from natural organic Asian Herbal ingredients and perfect for a maintenance care product for long term lash wearers.

Apply morning and night, before sealant, before mascara/liners. let dry after application before using other eye products.

Lash Brushes, Micro Brushes and Macro Brushes

For cleaning the lash line and lash extensions, removing eyeliner and eyeshadow residues. Black clean mascara brush for brushing of your extensions, applying sealant and keeping them glossy and great looking. You will truly love brushing your lashes!

Micro and macro brushes for precision application of the lash conditioner, sealant, mascara. All very handy lash care tools for your care kit.

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