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What training have Evoque Lash Experts received?


Evoque puts safety first, therefore we are not loyal to any particular manufacturer. We believe that you can learn knowledge from each one and formulate our service to be one of the most trusted on the market. Some companies may have good adhesive but their training methods could be better. And on the other hand, the training methods are good and the adhesive is poor quality.

We continuously seek the most current knowledge on the market to serve our clients.
We believe that "Practice Makes Perfect!" Therefore, to experience the best service with eyelash extensions find out how long has your lash specialist been in the industry. It takes time and practice to build speed and good hand skills.

Just because a lash 'specialist' has received certified training from a popular eyelash company does not make him/her one of the best in the industry.


Just remember, It is not always best to go with the popular brand name, Experience is the "BEST TEACHER!"


The Procedure

The application of Eyelash Extensions is painless and very relaxing - most of our guests actually drift off to sleep during the treatment.

Your personal technician is trained to recognise and understand the unique needs of each guest.

The Experience

  • You will lay down on a super comfortable bed with your head resting on a U pillow, snuggled into a mink blanket. You won't want to get up later!
  • Your Lash Stylist will assess your natural lashes and ask you questions about your lifestyle and/or preferred lash look.
  • Your eye area and lashes will be gently cleansed to remove any traces of make-up and oil.
  • Your bottom lashes will be protected as you receive a complimentary gentle anti-wrinkle under eye treatment during the relaxing treatment.
  • Your Lash Stylist will gently, meticulously & precisely apply eyelash extensions according to what your preference is, and to what your natural lashes can support.
  • After 1 to 2 hours you will have a wonderful set of new lashes!
  • Caring for you lashes is easy…just follow our simple aftercare with the use of lash aftercare products and the tips are on the care card we provide to you and the 'do's and don'ts ' page.


“I have been getting my lashes done here for years, and have seen none better! I have started having other beauty treatments because of the staff being so wonderful. Have never had a bad experience! Nicole is especially amazing, nothing is too much trouble! I recommend this salon unconditionally.”  Janelle, Maylands WA Feb 2017


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