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Here Is Why You Should NEVER Price Shop Your Eyes..

...when you're searching for the "cheapest price," make sure you only do that for toilet paper, paper towels and fuels.... But never your eyes!

Find out why you must investigate the lash "specialist" who applies extensions cheaper than anyone else.    

Is there a catch?      Oh my Goodness - YES! You bet!

Why You'll Regret Price Shopping Your Eyes...

She was in tears, we were ALL very nearly in tears and it was just sad all the way around. But the moral to the story is this:

when you're searching for the "cheapest price," make sure you stick to toilet paper, paper towels and fuels.
But never your eyes!
We cannot stress enough that your first consideration must be the training and expertise of the lash specialist-not the price. Only serious lash technicians that have received extensive and thorough lash extension training are really truly qualified and capable to do this delicate work near your eyes.

Think about it....... Do you price shop doctors? .... cardiologists....Attorneys? .....Builders?

Then why would you price shop lash extensions? This type of work is not a commodity; it requires a great deal of skill, care, patience and not to mention dexterity. These are how REAL lash extensions look, and what you receive when visiting EVOQUE Lash Spa.


We can assure you that your lashes will be applied by qualified and highly trained lash stylists whilst you are under our care. If, for whatever reason, you are not delighted with your lashes from our salon, just say so in the first day and we will re-do them free for you.
 We have spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the shoddy application of less experienced and untrained people on a very far-too-regular basis.

We ALWAYS get asked to fix the cheap and tacky $70 sets of extensions.
We can't promise that there will be no damage from this kind of price shopping disaster. Did you know that by price shopping this delicate work out to under trained applicators, it could cost you anywhere up to $700+ and MONTHS in waiting for your natural lashes to grow really isn't worth it?
Look at these pictures and you decide if it is worth price shopping...


 We promise we will do our very best to save the natural lashes and soothe those irritated eyes to anyone who needs our help from these disasters.
Remember, always check the credentials of the person doing the work, how long they have been doing it, and find out what current clients say about their work!
Just don't price shop!

Why These Could Never Be Your Mother's False Eyelashes!

Remember how false eyelashes were so obvious and so, well, temporary?

Those days are gone! Today's eyelash extensions resemble your own natural lashes. They are weightless, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, completely waterproof, cry proof and sweat proof. And you don't have to put them on every single day!

Wake up looking healthier, brighter...and made up! Just like they wake up in the movies!
The initial application takes between 90 minutes to two hours. Extensions are applied individually to your existing lashes, never to your skin!

That's why they look so natural. Unlike false eyelashes, a medical grade, hypoallergenic adhesive is used for the process. This is the same glue used to close surgical lacerations during and after operations.

It's completely painless and relaxing to have them attached. You might even fall asleep!
Your natural lashes shed every 60-90 days, so your extensions will shed with them, too. That's why we do touch ups every three or so weeks.

And remember; only a highly trained individual or salon should EVER apply lash extensions. EVER!

These are your eyes, for heaven sake! Trust them only to a trained experts like the team at Evoque Slimming & Lash Spa.

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