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We offer:

Quality Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow Extensions, Super Hair Reduction IPL, Facials, Semi-Permanent Make-up (cosmetic tattoos), Massage Treatments, Cutting Edge Ultrasound & Laser Lipo Body Shaping, Cellulite Treatments, Anti-aging and Skin Firming Treatments - All in a PAIN FREE delivery...We Promise.


Evoque Slimming & Lash Spa brings you 
a great body shaping & slimming method 
for fat reduction and body sculpting / shaping
 with immediate results!

  This non-invasive, non-surgical, fat reducing, body sculpting and cellulite reducing procedure has no restrictions after a treatment and you can immediately 
go about your every day life!  Our treatment menu offers LED, Mirocurrent and Collagen treatments for both men and women. Please read our other pages to see what these treatments are and what Evoque can do for you.

Our Cutting Edge Fat Blaster machine can painlessly - in 20 - 60 minutes - cause  
2-10 cm loss in a treated area - abdomen, back, flanks, buttocks, thighs or upper knees!  

This treatment aids skin tightening and body reshaping. 
It is suitable for both women and men.

Eyelash Extensions & Treatments

Here at Evoque we are focused on creating THE place that Perth women just KNOW is the right place to go for their lashes, we are all about lashes  - your natural lashes and lash extensions.  Our philosophy at Evoque Slimming & Lash Spa is lash education and that your natural lash is THE most important thing - as without our lashes...well, we just don't feel like a real woman.

We measure and apply lashes in a manner that is most suitable for your natural lash. It really is team work - we apply them correctly and you care for them correctly. We are constantly asked to correct bad lash jobs, and help where the natural lash has been damaged. It is frustrating for us when we need to repair someone else's poor quality lash work - there is just no need for such lazy and bad lash work. At Evoque - we are all about lashes!


I just had to email you to tell you how over the moon happy I am about my lashes! You have made my lash DISASTER all better and have made me feel glam again!! I really appreciate that you come in early for me and the vouchers that you have sent me ($10 first time client and $20 birthday voucher) have made me feel so special! Its very hard to find good customer service and you have excelled, I have really felt that you care about my lashes enough to call me on a Monday (When you are closed) and to give me an at home maintenance program to strengthen my lashes. I'm so impressed I've told everyone I know how amazing you guys are! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

Katie Williams, HairDresser Extraordinair & All Round Lovely Lady. 09/07/2012

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