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Evoque Slimming & Lash Spa welcomes you!  We are professionals who believe in what we do and we want your experience at our Salon to be fabulous!

If you are seeking "the cheapest eyelash extensions in Perth" rather than "the longest lasting and expertly applied lash extensions by trained experts" please note that the word "cheap" doesn't belong in the description of our quality eyelash extensions and applications.

We are not the cheapest eyelash extension salon in town.  We don't claim to have the lowest prices for eyelash extensions in Perth nor do we have the highest prices. We do claim to have experienced and very well trained technicians. 

We have lashes in several ranges. We do offer some amazing specials for our loyal guests (not bogus deals).

"We do not offer the cheapest eyelash extensions in Perth, just the BEST ... and you are worth it!"

We are not going to offer crazy specials (well ok, sometimes we offer crazy specials to our loyal regulars as our way of thanking them) but it is just not possible for us to offer our excellent products and services at below rock bottom prices.

Eyelash extensions are a fashionable enhancement that make you feel beautiful and confident. This in itself, is the real attraction of big beautiful lashes!

We definitely have a variety of eyelash extension products and looks to choose from. Most importantly, we offer a fantastic guarantee on our full sets so if you don't agree with our outlandish claims, just tell us within 2 days of your application and we will re-do them FREE of charge! Now that is putting our money where our mouth is.

There are reports of unsafe bonding products being used to apply Eyelashes. Be sure to ask your Lash Extensionist to show you (and explain) the products that are being used to apply your lashes. Evoque ONLY uses a medical grade bonding adhesive to apply Eyelash Extensions - specifically designed and manufactured for this purpose.
The cost for Eyelash Extensions (strand by strand) range from $190 - $450 depending on the experiance of the technician). If you are paying less than $190 ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS!!
"We do not offer the cheapest eyelash extensions in Perth, just the BEST ... and you are worth it!"

lash extensions underway!


What Type Of Eyelash Training Have Evoque Lash Experts Received?


Evoque puts safety first therefore we are not loyal to any particular manufacturer. We believe that you can learn knowledge from each one and formulate our service to be one of the the most trusted on the market. Some companies may have good adhesive but their training methods could be better. And on the other hand, the training methods are good and the adhesive is poor quality.

We continuously seek the most current knowledge on the market to service our clients.
We believe that "Practice Makes Perfect!" Therefore to experience the best service with eyelash extensions find out how long has your lash specialist been in the industry. It takes time and practice to build speed and hand dexterity. 

Just because a lash 'specialist' has received certified training from a popular eyelash company does not make him/her one of the best in the industry.

Just remember, It is not always best to go with the popular brand name, Experience is the "BEST TEACHER!"

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